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Digital Design


Digital Mulitmedia Design

I am passionate about digital design that communicates effortlessly, "a language without words". The world is changing and so does the meaning of our online identity. Our digital identities have become more important than ever to create a connection with the outside world. Through thorough research and Trend awareness, I create uniquely tailored designs that communicate your digital identity as never before.


Concept Development  Photography 
Art & Creative Direction

 Branding   Social Design

Future Thinking    Graphic Design  

Public and Installation Design


I design tools to create a better world.

As a [social] designer, I look at the world as my source of inspiration. People move, grow and change so does our world and our future. Through design, I try to shift mindsets and educate. I refer to my designs as 'Eyeopeners in everyday shapes'. Recognizable with an unexpected outcome.



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